parenting teens, moody teen, school problems, adhd, teen and drugs, help for teens parenting teens, moody teen, school problems, adhd, teen and drugs, help for teens
parenting teens, moody teen, school problems, adhd, teen and drugs, help for teensparenting teens, moody teen, school problems, adhd, teen and drugs, help for teens
parenting teens, moody teen, school problems, adhd, teen and drugs, help for teens

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Hear What PROFESSIONALS Who Work With Teens/Families Are Saying About When to Worry

In When to Worry Dr. Boesky has developed a masterpiece which addresses the mental health problems of teens, the concerns and questions of parents, and the needs of physicians and other providers who must intervene.

--David Satcher, MD, PhD, Poussaint-Satcher-Cosby Chair in Mental Health at Morehouse School of Medicine and 16th Surgeon General of the United States

When to Worry is truly the one-stop reading that every parent should have and refer to often. If you have a teen—you need this book!

--Rick Koca, Founder & CEO, StandUp For Kids

Dr. Lisa writes for the layperson. She clarifies some of the most perplexing (and scary) teen behaviors and provides a clear roadmap for how to handle them.

--Peter S. Jensen, M.D. Director, Center for the Advancement of Children’s Mental Health

This book is a must-read for all parents. It is an easy to read, well-organized reference tool to help parents decide if their teen is experiencing typical adolescent behavior or if they have a teen in need of help, support, and intervention.

--Sandra A. Spencer, Executive Director, Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health

No other book provides such breadth and depth of information on teenage difficulties in language that is easy to understand.

--Carol Klenow, Ed.D., President, School Board of Education, Utica Community Schools

Dr. Lisa says things that EVERY parent of a teen should hear about. This important book brings it all together.

--Kerby T. Alvy, Ph.D., Founder and Director of the Center for the Improvement of Child Caring, Founding Board Member of the National Effective Parenting Initiative

Parents will get the answers they desperately desire and educational professionals will gain tools to help their struggling students. Highly recommended!

--Nancy Lander, Middle School Principal for 15 Years (retired)

You may pick this book to read about a specific teen issue, but will end up reading it cover to cover! The case examples bring the information to life and the solutions are solid.

--Ronna Harris, M.S.W., Social Worker, Adoption and Family Care Services

Engaging and practical, When to Worry should be mandatory reading for all parents and adults who spend time with adolescents. Lives can be saved with the information in this book.

--Donna G. Noonan, MPH, Youth Suicide Prevention Coordinator, Oregon Public Health Division

This book is a wonderful resource and we will recommend it to all of the parents, and families that we work with.

--Dr. Candice Seti, Psy.D., Clinical Psychologist, San Diego Family Services  

This state-of-the art book addresses cultural issues, gender issues, and the tough questions parents and professionals want answers to regarding teens who struggle. Parents, teachers, counselors, physicians and nurses NEED this book. Fantastic!

--Jacquelyn Evans, R.N., Registered Nurse, Alta Bates Medical Center

Dr. Boesky's book will serve as an invaluable resource for school personnel that work closely with troubled students. All of our staff will be referring parents to this highly enlightening book.

--Gregory Minter, MA, Associate Principal, Prospect High School

When to Worry is long overdue. Worried, frustrated, or confused parents will feel relief within the first few pages. And the book just keeps getting better from there. Excellent resource and SO needed!

--Laurie J. Hall, LCSW, Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Bilingual Therapist

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